Share your knowledge with the global coffee community.

Create an online video course to share your knowledge, inspire others
across the world, and earn money as an educator.

Create your on-demand coffee course

Earn money

You can earn money each time someone purchases your coffee course, and will be paid monthly through PayPal or Payoneer.

Inspire students

Share your knowledge to help others learn new skills, advance their careers, and explore the world of coffee.

Join our community

Engage with our community of instructors and coffee professionals, who will help to to guide you through the process of your course creation.

Think big

Step 1. Develop your course


Create a plan for your course, including title, structure, length and content. Courses can range from a handful of videos, to comprehensive series comprising many videos and modules.

Share your knowledge further with your students by creating downloadable assets, such as PDF guides and resources.

Step 2. Record


Record and edit courses to upload to the PDG Education platform. Each module of your course will need to be distinct, with its own name, description and assets (if necessary).

 Add extra value to your course with exams and assessment items. To learn more about recording and editing your course, get in touch with a member of our team. 

Step 3. Sell


Once your course is uploaded and approved, you can start earning money straight away. As students across the world access and learn from your course modules, you will receive an ongoing income.

If you wish to upload more courses and earn more, you are always welcome to do so.


If you’re interested in creating an on-demand coffee course for PDG Education but are unsure where to begin, our Teaching Centre can help you through the process.  Receive peer-to-peer support, and connect with and learn from other instructors in the PDG Education community. 

Our Instructor Support team also provides 24/7 assistance to help with your course creation needs, and to help guide you on the path to becoming an instructor.

Become an instructor today!

Are you ready to start developing your own e-learning course about coffee?

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