High quality education for the coffee industry

Education without limits. Our approach to coffee education is to allow students to learn directly

from a diverse range of instructors and world-leading professionals, located all across the world.


PDG Education provides coffee knowledge and training that is accessible, interactive and diverse.

Working with a global network of industry leaders and professionals in the coffee sector, our education platform provides on-demand courses to improve knowledge and skills for coffee enthusiasts and professionals.  

As part of the PDG Global network, we are part of a global community that seeks to advance the quality and accessibility of coffee knowledge.

By working alongside renowned coffee professionals and world-class coffee experts, PDG Education makes coffee education more accessible and interactive than ever.

Our Values

PDG Education operates according to three core values:

  • Positively affecting the coffee supply chain: By providing educational resources, we aim to elevate and scale the coffee supply chain across the globe


  • Making high-quality education accessible: We believe that proper education leads to real and lasting change. We aim to make high-quality education accessible to everyone, in all areas of the global industry.


  • Empowering a diverse range of people: Using a digital platform, our aim is to allow all coffee enthusiasts and professionals to have access to education.

Our primary goal is to empower and positively affect the global coffee industry through high-quality, accessible education.

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