Actors and Structures of the Green Coffee Supply Chain

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About Course

This course should give you an understanding of the structure of the coffee supply chain from seed to cup.

We will analyze the main actors in the chain and their roles. We will also present the processes coffee goes through from the seed that is planted, to the cherry harvested, to the green bean exported, to the beverage in your cup. Additionally, the relationships between supply chain actors and inflection points represented by nodes of the chain will be discussed.

These structures and systems will be presented objectively and ethical questions will largely be left to students to evaluate independently until they are brought up in subsequent courses in the program.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Advanced understanding of the coffee supply chain
  • Advanced understanding of green coffee trade
  • Foundation course to anyone looking to start in coffee trade

Course Content

Commodities & Supply Chain

  • Module 1: Guide & Suggested Readings
  • Introduction
  • Supply Chains
  • Value Chains & Value Addition
  • Commodities
  • Commodity Coffee
  • Tree Crops and The Coffee Cycle
  • Module 1: Final Exam

Origin Country Actors

Consumption Country Actors & International Traders

Bargaining Power

Demand & Value of Coffee

Specialty Coffee

Emerging Business Models

Collaborative Supply Chains

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