Advanced Brewing Techniques: Infusion

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About Course

Infusion brewing methods such as pour overs are among the most popular ways to brew filter coffee. However, how well do we actually understand the different variables and techniques involved in infusion brewing?

In this course, Katie Thompson, the Head of Training at Artisan Coffee School, guides you through an advanced understanding of infusion coffee brewing, exploring variables such as coffee to water ratio, water quality, grind particle size, temperature and brewing time. This course will also look at different techniques in infusion brewing, such as the influence of materials, brew turbulence and coffee storage.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have gained an understanding of the complex variables and techniques in infusion brewing techniques, and will be able to transfer this knowledge to a range of coffee brewing methods.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Expand your coffee brewing knowledge
  • Replicate the coffee shop experience at home
  • Elevate your coffee infusion brewing skills

Course Content

Not All Coffee is Created Equal

  • Class: Not All Coffee is Created Equal

Charting Coffee: What Your Need to Know

Fundamentals on Coffee to Water Ratio

The Relation Between Grind Setting and Brewing Time

How Water Temperature Affects Brewing?

Brew Turbulence and Its Impact on Extraction

The Importance of Water Quality

Filter Media: How Different Materials Impact Extraction?

Storing Coffee & Course Recap

Final Exam

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