Advanced Brewing Techniques: Immersion


This course will provide you with an advanced understanding of the variables and techniques involved in immersion coffee brewing.

In this course, Katie Thompson, the Head of Training at Artisan Coffee School, guides you through advanced techniques in immersion brewing and how each affects the flavour and extraction of coffee. We will explore the different variables in the preparation of coffee, such as coffee to water ratio, water quality, grind particle size, temperature and brewing time. This course will also look at different techniques in immersion brewing, such as brew turbulence, coffee storage and use of filters.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have gained an understanding of the complex variables and techniques in immersion brewing techniques, and will be able to transfer this knowledge to a range of coffee brewing methods.

What Will I Learn?

  • Expand your coffee brewing knowledge
  • Replicate the coffee shop experience at home
  • Elevate your coffee immersion brewing skills

Topics for this course

11 Lessons

Not All Coffee is Created Equal

Class: Not All Coffee is Created Equal9:57

Charting Coffee: What Your Need to Know

Understanding Coffee to Water Ratio

The Importance of Grind Setting

Mastering Brewing Time

How Water Temperature Affects Brewing

Brew Turbulence and Its Impact on Extraction

Water Quality

Filter Media: What’s the Impact of Your Filter Material?

Essentials on Coffee Storing

Course Recap and Conclusion

About the instructor

Artisan Coffee School

Coffee School Training Centre

Based in Ealing Broadway, London, Artisan Coffee School is an SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) certified training centre.

We offer a wide variety of courses that cover everything from how to brew a better cup of coffee at home to how to set up your own coffee shop, and all our trainers are industry professionals who use their experience and insight to ensure that everyone who attends has a bloody good, educational time.

At Artisan Coffee School, we believe in not only providing our students with excellent hands-on experience but also in immersing them in all the different aspects of the coffee trade, from grower to roaster to barista to cup.

Founded in 2015 by Edwin and Magda Harrison, Artisan Coffee School has quickly grown into one of Europe’s leading providers of quality coffee education – and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

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3 Courses

18 students


Material Includes

  • Suggested readings list


  • It is recommended to have essential brewing equipment to practice the learning

Target Audience

  • General coffee consumers
  • Professional baristas
  • Business owners
  • Other coffee professional

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