Brewing Your Perfect Coffee With your AeroPress

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About Course

In this course, you will learn how to brew great coffee with your AeroPress. The Standard and Inverted methods are explained and how to choose a coffee for your AeroPress. The impact of variables like grind size, dose, and water temperature will be discussed in detail. We will also talk about the right water for brewing the AeroPressand different kinds of filters.

After this course, you will be able to build your own winning AeroPress recipe for any coffee.

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn the in's & out's of brewing with the Aeropress
  • Learn how to efficiently use the AeroPress in a cafe environment
  • Elevate your skills of brewing and extraction
  • Know how to build a (winning) Aeropress recipe

Course Content

Getting started
You will learn: - Introduction (what you will learn in the course) - Choosing a coffee for your Aeropress - Using good water - Grinder & other tools

  • What do you need to know prior to start brewing

You will learn: - History of the Aeropress - Brewing the Standard way – step by step

You will learn: - Dosing - Time - Grind size - Water temperature - Agitation

You will learn: - Original Aeropress paper filters - Aesir paper filters - Metal filters - Cloth filters - Prismo attachment

AeroPress in a café environment
You will learn: - Using the AeroPress in a cafe - Benefits of the AeroPress in your café - Developing a fast & efficient recipe - AeroPress maintenance - Talking to customers about the AeroPress

The World AeroPress Championship
You will learn: - History of the World Aeropress Championships - New rules for 2022 - My 2019 winning World Aeropress Recipe - How to develop a winning recipe - Tips for AeroPress competition

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